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Charlene of Monaco back, this priceless gift to Prince Albert

For her big return on the Rock after eight months of absence for health reasons, Charlene of Monaco brought with her a surprising gift, which would undoubtedly bring back tender memories to Prince Albert of Monaco.

It is a dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a hybrid dog whose roots would go back to more than 200 years when the dogs of European settlers mated with those of the nomadic Khoikhoi indigenous to South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Details were delivered by the magazine Bunte, which tells a little more about this new companion of the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Ridgebacks are said to be trusting, sometimes even a little aloof, pets “who are as comfortable at home with children as they are hunting lions in the African bush.”

In the past, Charlene had preferred small dogs, including a pair of Yorkies named Monte and Carlo and two Chihuahuas named Thula and Wena. One of her beloved companions died two weeks ago as a result of a car accident, as the princess sadly announced on social networks.
Albert of Monaco would be moved since his mother, Princess Grace, had a dog of this breed.

Charlene of Monaco back, this priceless gift to Prince Albert

After months of separation, Charlene of Monaco would have been coldly at the Palace by Prince Albert of Monaco. The photos do not lie.

An expert in body language, Judi James, whose words are relayed by an Italian media, reported this “tension” in their relationship by analyzing the photos of his arrival on the Rock.

The Monegasque first lady is back home with a new haircut, a new hair color and a new dog, following the sudden disappearance of her beloved Chihuahua.

The photos were published by the Palace, and analyzed by an expert in body language, which evokes “exaggerated gestures of Charlene towards her husband”.

“But Albert does not share the feelings of his wife,” says this specialist, who assumes the sovereign prince cold and icy.
“There seems to be an imbalance between the feelings of one and the other,” she explains.

Perhaps Prince Albert of Monaco is simply modest.
In an interview with Paris Match, he said he was delighted with his comeback.
“We were all looking forward to it,” he said. Within the princely palace, it would be a joy to find the princess after such a long absence.
“It’s a relief for everyone. Starting with the prince and their children, but also for the Monegasque population, delighted”.

Credit Photos : Bestimage

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