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Charlene of Monaco back on her birthday – This tradition that makes her cry

All eyes are on the principality of Monaco, as two possible events are approaching, which would mark Charlene of Monaco’s return to normal life. One of the events would have made her cry.

And it is specified by Royal Central.
The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco treated abroad, probably in Switzerland, for depression, should be reunited with her family, including her twins, Gabriella and Jacques, whom she would not have seen since last December on the occasion of the holidays.

Even if the Palace has evoked a convalescence of a few months, the possibility that the Monegasque first lady will surprise her subjects on the occasion of her 44th birthday on January 25, 2022 is not excluded.

The other event is the feast of Saint Devote, the patron saint of Monaco.

This event would be special for Charlene of Monaco because during the visit to a chapel dedicated to Devote that took place one of the most commented moments of her royal life. It is indeed there that the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco broke down in tears on her wedding day.

After offering her bouquet to St. Devote, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella came out to the cheers of the crowd and burst into tears again.
Charlene of Monaco said years later that she was overwhelmed by emotion.

Charlene of Monaco broken at the Palace, this rumor that destroyed her after her wedding

If Charlene of Monaco lost confidence in her from the moment she entered the princely family because of enormous pressure to give an heir to the Monegasque crown. Some rumors claimed that she was sterile.

This enormous pressure on the Monegasque princess is recalled by Coryne Hall, an astute observer of European royal families.

She is the author of “Queen Victoria and the Romanovs: Sixty Years of Mutual Distrust”.

And this specialist confided about the wife of Prince Albert in an interview with the British media “The Express”.
“She was under enormous pressure to ‘produce’ an heir,” she explains.
“She took three and a half years before she had a child – then fortunately she had two”.

“Princess Grace gave birth to her first child nine months after the wedding,” the author says. “So right away, after Charlene’s wedding, everyone asked, ‘Is she pregnant yet? Fortunately, as I said, she managed to have two heirs, but it must have been quite a strain.”

At the time there were hurtful rumors that she was infertile

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