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Charlene of Monaco and Nicole Coste: What is their relationship?

Not surprisingly, Charlene of Monaco and Nicole Coste are not great friends. And for good reason, it is difficult to accept to be qualified as “the two wives of Albert”. Constantly in “competition”, they chain the low blows. Return on their disagreement!

The truth about the dissensions between Charlene of Monaco and Nicole Coste. Their quarrel started decades ago. At the time, the mother of Alexandre Coste (son of Prince Albert II born in 2003) remembers that “some malicious newspapers had juxtaposed photos of me and Charlene, with the title “Albert and his two campaigns”. It was difficult to accept this comparison. Then over the years, other elements come to alter more their quarrel.

In a long interview given to Paris Match in September, Nicole Coste went into more detail about their far from cordial agreement. After having remained discreet for many years, it was time for her to break the silence. Between the two women, relations do not seem to have calmed down over the years, as Nicole Coste suggested: “It’s a subject I can’t avoid because we are often put in parallel. I don’t like to be compared. I’ve never posted myself as an enemy.”

If the two women should have supported each other through these trials, it was the opposite. Again, their story took a different turn. The former flight attendant would have “experienced things that (he) alerted and shocked” before the marriage of Albert II and the former champion swimmer, in July 2011. “She, for example, changed my son’s room, taking advantage of his father’s absence to install him in the staff wing. As a mother, I cannot find words to describe these actions.”

Charlene of Monaco ill: Nicole Coste without scruples

In another time, Nicole Coste accuses the mother of Jacques and Gabriella of being the cause of his eviction. If projects with the Rock had been considered, nothing was done on the decision Charlene of Monaco according to his claims. So in his absence – to treat a “deep exhaustion, both emotional and physical” – the former companion of Prince Albert does not hesitate to add a little layer by returning to Monaco for the celebrations of the Holy Devotee, for example. But also by reacting to the health problems of the princess: “I do not care what happens with her. Why should I care? Everything that happens to her is karma,” she tackled, before adding: “The people of Monaco love me more than Charlene. They really love me and respect me.” The war is not over between the two women!


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