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Charlene of Monaco: an earlier than expected return to Albert and the twins?

Once again invisible in the principality for almost two months, Charlene of Monaco, currently treated abroad, could soon reappear next to Albert II and their twins Jacques and Gabriella. A symbolic date is whispered by the royal chroniclers…

The last news were only half reassuring. One month after her admission for “deep general fatigue” in a specialized institution far from Monaco, Albert II announced before Christmas that Charlene was a little better, but that she would have to be treated for several more months.

A few hours before December 24, the princess showed herself by publishing a watercolor by the South African artist Stephanie van Zyl, representing her with the sovereign and their twins. A sign of life misinterpreted by Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the eldest daughter of Albert II, who, feeling forgotten like her half-brother Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, released an unpublished photo of them with James and Gabriella shortly before the New Year. Did Charlene and her prince talk about it between them? The princess has in any case seen her husband and their children during the holidays. And in turn, she could well travel and make an unexpected return to the principality.

La dernière apparition d'Albert II, Charlene et leurs enfants Jacques et Gabriella lors des célébrations de Sainte-Dévote, patronne de Monaco, le 26 janvier 2021.
Olivier Huitel / Pool Monaco / BestimageThe last appearance of Albert II, Charlene and their children Jacques and Gabriella during the celebrations of St. Devote, patron saint of Monaco, January 26, 2021.

A reappearance of Charlene on the occasion of a great appointment for the Monegasque

The Royal Central website, usually accurate and well informed, echoes several chroniclers of the gotha: Charlene could reappear on the Rock on the occasion of St. Devote, patron saint of Monaco celebrated on January 26 and 27, each year. The princess has never failed to participate in the rituals paying tribute to her – masses, setting a boat ablaze to recall the arrival of the Corsican martyr in the principality, fireworks … Charlene’s last appearance on the Rock, before her 8-month stay in South Africa, was on January 27, 2021. And since her health problems, the wife of Albert II has taken refuge in faith.

The ostentation of the relics of Saint Devote and a reappearance in the flesh of Charlene would mark the most mystical minds. Albert II, upset by the rumors about his couple this fall, seems quite confident. As reported by the Royal Stories website, the sovereign has been skiing down the slopes of Meribel with his children, after visiting Charlene who is being treated in the nearby mountains. Proof that the convalescence of his wife is not particularly worrying. All we can expect is a miracle on Saint Devote’s day…

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage

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