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Charlene of Monaco – an agreement reached with prince Albert for their twins, finally some details

Finally, and after long discussions, Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Charlene of Monaco, would have succeeded in finding a common ground for their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, the heirs to the Monegasque crown.

Initially annoyed by the de-schooling of her children, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco has given her agreement. Jacques and Gabriella will from now on be educated at the Palace, as during the health crisis.

This decision is confirmed by Prince Albert himself in an interview with Paris Match magazine.

His confidences were collected by Stéphane Bern, close to the princely family of Monaco.

Despite the delicate situation, linked to the health problems of the princess, “what facilitates things is that Jacques and Gabriella are now educated in the palace.

Fortunately, the Monegasque heirs will not be alone.
They will follow their “schooling with four of their friends, two boys and two girls, (…) with the same teachers and mistresses as if they were in their institution”.

Little change from their situation during the health crisis. “they were already confined to the palace last year”.

“As soon as we judge that the situation evolves favorably, they will be back in school in a normal way,” says Prince Albert, who brushed aside a marital crisis with his wife.

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