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Charlene of Monaco, a myositis, revelation on a mysterious disease


The explanations of Prince Albert of Monaco on the health of Charlene of Monaco treated abroad for physical and mental fatigue does not seem to have convinced. An autoimmune disease affecting the muscles has been mentioned.

The magazine In Touch wonders about the reality of the disease with which Charlene of Monaco must deal for months.

“It’s a big mystery and certainly worrying,” confided a source close to the princely family, before wondering, “What are they hiding?”
The 43-year-old former swimmer had developed an ENT infection that did not allow her to travel. The mother of James and Gabriella was stuck for months in South Africa.

Sources say she “almost died” and her foundation confirmed that she needed several surgeries.

“Albert gives the impression that she has mental problems, and it is difficult for many people to understand why she spent six months away from her children,” says this intimate whose identity is not specified.
“Charlene couldn’t fly with her condition. Now it’s like she’s a fairy tale princess locked in a tower.
Charlene of Monaco is again treated abroad for physical and mental fatigue.

A worrying track is fed, that of a myositis, which is a disease attacking the immune system, “responsible for protecting the body against external attacks (microbes, viruses …), is disrupted and attacks the body.

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