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Charlene in convalescence far from Monaco: Jacques and Gabriella have finally visited her

Even though she has been back from South Africa for almost two months, Princess Charlene remains deprived of her family. Still in convalescence, this time in a specialized center outside of Monaco, the wife of Prince Albert has still seen her children for Christmas.

The twins could finally see their mother! If we believe the information of the magazine Voici, in its edition of December 31, 2021, Charlene of Monaco has recently received the visit of her husband Prince Albert and their two children: Jacques and Gabriella (7 years). For nearly two months now, the 43-year-old former swimmer is recovering in a specialized center outside the principality, in Switzerland, according to the magazine.

The reunion would have taken place on December 23, just before Christmas: the prince and his two little blonde heads would have left the Rock in the morning, by jet, to reach Switzerland. The family would have spent a few hours “in a small private room of the clinic around a tree bought in a hurry that they exchanged some gifts,” reports Voici. A source added: “It was a very important moment for Charlene who was receiving her very first visit.” Albert, Jacques and Gabriella then left for Monaco and it is alone, that the princess would have spent Christmas.

After long months of convalescence in South Africa, her country of origin, Charlene of Monaco had finally been able to return to the principality in early November. But after a brief reunion with her family, immortalized in the courtyard of the princely palace, the former athlete was quickly admitted to a specialized institution to continue her convalescence. She remains very weakened by her serious ENT problems which required several surgeries in South Africa. An addiction to drugs would also be involved …

Her recovery should still take a few months

On December 23, the day of the alleged visit of Albert and the children, the palace had given news in a statement sent to AFP: “The convalescence of Princess Charlene continues in a satisfactory and encouraging way, even if her recovery should still take a few months. As soon as her health is restored, it will be with great pleasure that the princess will once again share moments of conviviality with the Monegasque people.”

It was therefore without Charlene that the Grimaldi family, almost in its entirety, celebrated the Monegasque National Day on November 19. During which the adorable Jacques and Gabriella had sent a tender message to her, supported by their aunts: Princesses Caroline and Stephanie. Since then, the twins celebrated their 7th birthday without their mother, before taking part in the traditional Christmas tree of the palace, surrounded by Stephanie and their cousins. Let’s hope that the year 2022 will be more lenient with Princess Charlene!

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  1. I will pray for her recovery and that the “One Day at a Time” program helps her with a sponcer that can assist her along the process ❣️

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