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Charlene back in Monaco, rumors finally extinguished: It’s a relief for everyone

Finally back in Monaco, Princess Charlene can now enjoy her husband and their two children. A reunion that allows to dissipate rumors about tensions within her couple, as reported by Paris Match, this Wednesday, November 10.

Since Monday, November 8, Charlene of Monaco has finally been able to find her family, several months after being stranded in South Africa due to health concerns. Her return to her husband and their twins puts an end to the speculations of some bad tongues, especially persuaded that her marriage was in danger. In its issue of this Wednesday, November 10, Paris Match returns to the happiness of Prince Albert II, to be able to hug his soul mate.

“We were all looking forward to it,” he said, as reported by our colleagues. Within the royal palace, the same general enthusiasm: “It’s a relief for everyone. Starting with the prince and their children, but also for the Monegasque population, delighted.” It must be said that Princess Charlene means a lot to her own, but also to the people of the Rock. “We are a small community welded to our princely family, and his happiness as well as his misfortunes are also ours,” explained a source at the palace.

Lovers who will be together for the national holiday

Another reason why Charlene of Monaco’s return is synonymous with joy: the fact that she will be able to attend the national holiday, scheduled for November 19. “The prince needs to feel supported by his wife during these heavy festivities,” said the anonymous interlocutor of Paris Match. As a reminder, the princess was stuck away from home because of a serious ENT infection. She had to undergo surgery.

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage

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