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Caroline of Monaco: Which aunt is she for Jacques and Gabriella?

Caroline of Monaco took the twins Jacques and Gabriella for a new outing on November 29. Whenever the opportunity arises, their aunt does not hesitate to take them with her to all sorts of events. What is the relationship of the sister of Albert II with her nephew and niece?

Since the birth of Jacques and Gabriella, Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco give them a lot of importance, since they are the children of their brother, Albert II. But since the prolonged absence of the twins’ mother, their aunts have had to redouble their efforts and attention to them. Charlene of Monaco was in South Africa some time ago and is now resting away from the Rock, much to the sadness of her family. In order to take their minds off it, Caroline of Hanover decided to take them to the Grimaldi Forum on November 29 to celebrate the International Day of Children’s Rights with them. One of the associations present posted a photo of them on Instagram.

It’s not the first time that the princess is with Gabriella and Jacques of Monaco. Their aunt is used to taking care of them in all circumstances. Caroline even teaches them to take care of their future obligations as important members of the Monegasque royalty. The trio was just present at the principality’s national holiday last month. Alexandra of Hanover’s mother escorted the twins, accompanied by her sister Stephanie of Monaco, to the courtyard of the royal palace. They attended together the traditional presentation of medals.

Caroline of Monaco close to Gabriella and Jacques

While Princess Charlene was still in South Africa, the eldest daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainier III had taken the twins to a dog show in Monaco last September. Unfortunately, little Gabriella had her leg in a cast, but that didn’t stop her from having a good time with her aunt and brother. Caroline of Hanover had planned everything: her niece was able to move in a wheelchair. A caring aunt that many children would like to have.


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