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Caroline of Monaco, toxic person for Charlene, her sister-in-law speaks out

Although very mobilized on the Rock in the absence of Charlene of Monaco vulnerable because of the disease, Caroline of Monaco continues to be targeted by critics. She is presented as a toxic person. The sister-in-law of Charlene of Monaco breaks the silence.

It is Chantal Wittstock (35), who spoke in an interview with the South African magazine You.

She would get along relatively well with all her family, which she was delighted to find after a forced stay in South Africa because of an ENT infection.
The former swimmer also did not stray from her husband on her return to the principality. She is supposed to have “squatted in a small apartment” above a chocolate factory away from her husband and their children.
“This is a total lie,” she said.

Princess Charlene of Monaco visited her family in Benoni | Princess  charlene, Charlene of monaco, Princess stéphanie of monaco

“Charlene will not be living alone in the apartment – ??which is the family apartment by the way. She and Albert have properties everywhere and stay there, depending on where it is necessary,” she explained.

Tensions with other family members are also questioned.
“She was extremely excited to be reunited with her entire family, but it is understandable that she is still very weak and fragile from her medical procedures and stress,” which is why she decided to seek treatment abroad, possibly in Switzerland.

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