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Caroline of Monaco “on mission” with Charlene in Zurich – Secret mission

On the occasion of the school vacations on the Rock, Caroline of Monaco could pay a small visit to Charlene of Monaco “interned” in Switzerland. The twins, Gabriella and Jacques, could be of this escapade.

The sovereign prince of the Rock could not go there and for good reason! He is currently in China for the Olympic Winter Games of Beijing 2022. As a member of the Olympic Committee, he attended the opening ceremony on February 4 alongside Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg.

Both monarchs were in the stands of the “Bird’s Nest”, the national stadium of Beijing, where the event took place. Photos were published on the web.

In his absence, it could be that Caroline of Monaco accompanies Jacques and Gabriella for a small visit to Charlene who would be still interned in Zurich.

Last January, her eldest son, Andrea Casiraghi was charged with this mission, revealed the German version of 20 minutes.
“This gentleman seemed familiar and also the grandchildren who were dressed in the same way,” confided a journalist, referring to the Grimaldi heirs.

They would have been spotted getting out of a Porsche Cayenne with a Monegasque license plate. They would have stayed at the hotel Seehotel Sonne located not far from the clinic where Charlene of Monaco would be.
The Princely Palace has not commented on this allegation.

Charlene of Monaco “manipulated” by Gareth Wittstock, underhanded guerrilla warfare at the Palace

If Charlene of Monaco has collapsed because of the protocol and the pressure of the princely family, it is perhaps also because of her family. She would have become a kind of “brand” to protect.

And this possibility is raised by the magazine Gala, which wonders about the current state of the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco and especially how she would have dealt with the presence of Nicole Coste, her intimate enemy, on the occasion of the festivities of St. Devote.

“But who knows if Charlene still takes care of her social networks herself?”, wonders the weekly, after recalling that the congratulatory message of her husband for his birthday did not receive a response.
The latest publications on her Instagram account put more emphasis on her charitable actions, in which her brother Gareth, vice president of the Charlene of Monaco Foundation, is involved.

“Gala” magazine suggests that the former swimmer is used by her clan and would be since her marriage to the Monegasque sovereign prince, the father of her twins, Gabriella and Jacques, a kind of brand to protect.

“Although very backward since the admission of Her Serene Highness in cure, the Wittstock clan is not ready to let go of the brand ‘Princess Charlene of Monaco’, which mobilizes its efforts for ten years, “says the publication. The first lady would be manipulated by her own family.

Photos credits: Bestimage

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