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Caroline of Monaco: Her luxurious vacation in Gstaad with Charlotte and Andrea Casiraghi


Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Caroline of Monaco and her two older children were spotted in the luxurious ski resort of Gstaad, Switzerland. The paparazzi then took care of immortalizing their outings.

To celebrate the holiday season, some people enjoy the benefits of the mountains. Among the members of the princely family of Monaco, Princess Caroline and her two eldest children have chosen to put their bags in the prestigious ski resort of Gstaad. The sister of Albert II was seen between Christmas and New Year’s Day in the snowy streets of the Swiss town, as reported by Royal History, this Friday, January 7. On the lookout for their every move, the paparazzi were able to take many shots. Dressed in a large red down jacket and a red plaid pants, the eldest daughter of Grace Kelly has not gone unnoticed in front of the camera.

Caroline of Monaco took advantage of her vacations to spend time with her daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi. Far from the evening dresses, the ex of Gad Elmaleh opted for a very warm and discreet outfit to avoid the photographers too intrusive. Her husband Dimitri Rassam has also been seen in the streets of the famous ski resort. According to Hola! the eldest son of the siblings, Andrea Casiraghi, was then invited to Gstaad to enjoy his family. But he did not come alone. At his side, his wife Tatiana and their three children: Sacha, India and Maximilian. A beautiful world to keep company to the 64-year-old princess.

A well-known resort of the jet set

Before an afternoon of shopping in the small streets of downtown, Caroline of Monaco and the rest of her family had lunch at the Olden Hotel. Renowned for hosting the biggest stars, the resort of Gstaad was once again able to count on distinguished guests. Indeed, the royal family of Egypt spent a stay there earlier this year, according to our colleagues from Histoires royales. The singer Madonna also enjoyed the ski slopes for several days, alongside her partner. For many years, this small town of about 3,000 inhabitants has attracted celebrities thanks to its quiet and luxurious setting.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage

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