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Camille Gottlieb: Which girl is she for Stéphanie of Monaco?

The fruit of the relationship between Stephanie of Monaco and Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, Camille Gottlieb may not be part of the princely dynasty of Monaco, but she captivates. But what kind of daughter is she to Stephanie of Monaco?

She is the youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, from her relationship with Jean-Raymond Gottlieb. Camille Gottlieb is followed by over 85K followers on Instagram. At 23 years, the young woman captivates. On social networks, the niece of Albert of Monaco shares her daily life, between her new long figure or the difficulty for her to fall in love. Discreet about her family life, what kind of daughter is she to Stephanie of Monaco?

The sister of Albert II and Caroline of Monaco is also rather discreet about her family relationships. Nevertheless, she accepted to deliver some confidences to Hello Monaco, during the Coronavirus crisis, one year ago. Confined with her two daughters, Pauline Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb, she mentioned her youngest daughter. “She was never too much of a student and founded the charity ‘B Safe’ which fights against alcoholism among young people,” she shared proudly. Camille Gottlieb inherited this willingness to help others from her mother.

A fusional relationship

An easy girl who has always seen her mother as “a model mother”, as she confided to Point de Vue in 2018. With her, she maintains a fusional relationship. “Mom cried when Louis and Pauline left the family cocoon. She will cry when I leave too. She is really a mother hen. She calls us all the time, says “I love you” several times a day,” she said. The youngest is thus very close to her mother.
A strong complicity

Camille Gottlieb is a girl complicit with her mother. What allowed her to enter smoothly into adulthood. She thanks Stéphanie de Monaco to have allowed her to acquire this maturity so quickly. “Like her, I am very sensitive to the problems of society,” said the young woman, still single. The granddaughter of Grace Kelly, who inherited some of her mother’s character traits, is very involved in the life of the royal family and therefore supports her mother at many events.

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