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Camille Gottlieb: discover the real job of the daughter of Stéphanie of Monaco


The youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie, Camille Gottlieb made a sensation on the balcony of the royal palace, this November 19. If she is not a princess, the young woman is very involved in the life in Monaco. Discover how…

Wise as a picture … of Instagram? Benjamine of Stephanie of Monaco and niece of Albert, Camille Gottlieb made a remarkable appearance on the balcony of the princely palace, this November 19, national holiday in the principality. Usually, her official outings are rather rare, even if Charlene’s absence in recent months has pushed her to support her beloved uncle more. The admission of the princess in a facility far from the principality should mobilize her again in the coming weeks. In particular on December 15, for the Christmas Tree of the princely palace, a distribution of gifts to the little Monegasque children in which Stephanie’s youngest daughter likes to participate.

Daughter of Raymond Gottlieb, Camille does not enjoy the title of princess. Even though she reigns on Instagram, where her resemblance to her grandmother Grace Kelly and her increasingly slender figure always provoke reactions. Despite nearly 84,000 followers to her account revealing her hedonistic lifestyle, her passions and blows of mouth, she is not an influencer either. At 23, Camille has a job.

Camille Gottlieb, double watchdog of the nightlife in Monaco

While her older brother, Louis Ducruet, is specialized in sports management and her older sister, Pauline Ducruet, is a fashion designer with her brand Alter Designs, Stéphanie of Monaco’s youngest daughter works as a marketing manager for the MK Club, a nightclub located on the port of the principality. Very selective, the establishment has an Instagram account, but you have to be a member to dance on its floor or connect to its website. This is the first job of the young woman, after internships in the service of the royal palace.

This is not the only involvement of Camille Gottlieb in the Monegasque nightlife. Stephanie’s daughter also founded Be Safe Monaco, a non-profit organization that raises awareness among Monegasque youth about the risks of drinking and driving. In addition to prevention actions, Be Safe Monaco offers free shuttles and breathalysers at the exit of party places. The young woman herself never has fun at the risk of her life. Always well surrounded, we don’t know her fiancé yet. Everything in its time.

Photo credits : Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage

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