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Camille Gottlieb completely gaga: She reveals her “most beautiful gift

Camille Gottlieb shared many shots of her Christmas on her Instagram account. In a story published on the occasion of the holidays, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco has thus put online a very touching moment with a member of her family a little special …

The Rock was in celebration on December 25. Member of the Grimaldis most active on social networks, Camille Gottlieb captured from A to Z on Instagram his Christmas with Thomas and Maxime Gottlieb, his beloved half-brothers. But the 23-year-old didn’t forget to also present her fans with “her greatest gift”: her dog, Leonie. In a story published on December 25, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco has unveiled a picture of her and her four-legged friend in full embrace at the foot of the tree. Dress of circumstance obliges, the canine was nicely wrapped in a red vest.

Camille Gottlieb loves Leonie. The daughter of Jean Raymond Gottlieb has thus created an Instagram account specially dedicated to her dog rescued in 2018. “I’m 4 years old, I’m Camille Gottlieb’s daughter and I’m the happiest dog ever,” Camille Gottlieb thus wrote in the biography of this somewhat special account, imagining the thoughts of Leonie. Ultimate proof that the half-sister of Pauline Ducruet to his adorable ball of hair in the skin literally, as figuratively: she was tattooed in 2019 on her ankle the paw of his dog placed in the palm of his hand. Quite a symbol!

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A shared animal cause

Camille Gottlieb is not the only member of the Monegasque royal family to love animals. Her mother has been active for many years in the fight against animal abuse. For example, in 2012, Stephanie of Monaco saved two elephants from euthanasia in Lyon and subsequently welcomed them to the Rock. A love for pachyderms transmitted by her own father, Prince Rainier III: “He is the one who gave me the courage to fight until the end to save Baby and Nepal, he who gave me the strength not to let myself be abused. I think he is proud of me,” she confided to Gala in 2014.

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