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Albert of Monaco: What is his relationship with his sisters Stephanie and Caroline?

Following the health problems of Princess Charlene, Albert of Monaco has regularly appeared with his sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, in recent months, during his official engagements. But what are the relationships within the siblings?

Albert II of Monaco has often been accompanied, in recent months, by his sisters during official engagements. The reason: his wife, Charlene, who was stuck in South Africa after contracting a serious infection of the ENT sphere, preventing her from taking the plane to the Rock. But Prince Albert could count on the support of his two sisters during this period. It must be said that the children of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly have shown an unfailing complicity for a very long time.

For the biography, entitled Albert II of Monaco, the man and the prince, released in 2018, the siblings had confided in journalists Isabelle Rivière and Peter Mikelbank. Prince Albert and Princesses Caroline and Stephanie had notably returned to their childhood and the education they received. “As children, we were probably more attached to our nanny than to our parents,” Princess Caroline revealed, as reported in Le Point. Until adolescence, Caroline, Albert and Stephanie did not share any meals with their parents, as the Daily Mail had pointed out in 2018. “My brother was my main companion and playmate,” Caroline had recalled. As children, the two elders argued frequently, “we were like cats and dogs. I was … horrible,” concedes the eldest of the family.

Prince Rainier: “The family is enough for you, you do not need anyone else…”

For their father, Prince Rainier, family was of paramount importance, a value he passed on to his children. “Friends, you can never count on them,” he repeated to them. Beware of others, the family is enough for you, you do not need anyone else … ” An advice that the siblings apply to the letter. Albert II regularly consults his two sisters on many subjects, keeping with them a great complicity.

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  1. Stephanie Will Be The Person To Help Charlene.
    She has had A Few Rough times in her life.. She is Now Mature Enough.. And Learned a lot. So Now Its Most Appropriate. She Will Help Charlene.
    Who Now Needs A Real Good Friend To Help her Get Through This.. Set Back.
    May God bless you Charlene. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💯

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