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Albert of Monaco, shock treatment for Charlene, revelation on the therapy at 130 000 euros per week

For the good of Charlene of Monaco, who would be treated in a private clinic in Switzerland, Albert of Monaco would pay a high price. The sum of 130 000 euros per week is mentioned.

According to the Italian media Dagopia, the first lady of Monaco would be treated at the clinic Kusnacht Practice, presented as a world leader in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders.

“Each patient is treated uniquely and privately in his or her own five-star residence, and enjoys the strictest standards of professionalism, care and confidentiality,” the publication states.

The Krusnacht Practice - Xseer Healthcare
Kusnacht Practice de Zurich

Charlene of Monaco reportedly received her twins and husband for the holiday season at this center for the ultra-rich, where she reportedly has a private five-star villa.

She would have undergone several therapies including a cognitive-behavioral therapy, or a desensitization and reprocessing by eye movements. These treatments are presented as revolutionary.

Hypnosis by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation is also proposed in the Kusnacht Practice.
Charlene of Monaco would also be treated for a supposed addiction to painkillers and sleeping pills by transcranial direct current stimulation is also
The treatment of Charlene of Monaco is expected to last for months.
We wish her a speedy recovery.

Photos credits : Bestimage

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  1. I am not a monégasque citizen though I was born in Monaco.
    I deeply respect the Prince’s Family and I do not stand when people criticise them or try to denigrate Monaco even if they never put a foot in Monaco.
    I was even banned from Facebook because I reacted roughly to someone who injured Prince Albert and His wife.
    Just hope Princess Charlène gets better soon.

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