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Albert of Monaco mutic: His regrets on the absence of Charlene

In an interview granted to French magazine, Albert of Monaco comes back on the distance of his wife and admits some blunders in their communication strategy.

Far from his beloved Princess Charlene of Monaco, absent from the principality for over seven months, Prince Albert continues to remain discreet about the situation. However, he let himself go to some confidences with the weekly magazine specialist of the gotha Point de Vue. He wanted to reassure, while recognizing that he had not anticipated the repercussions that continue to cause the departure of his wife.

If the absence of the mother of Gabriella and Jacques sowed doubt for a long time, the latter would in fact face persistent health problems. While she suffered from an infection of the ENT sphere and underwent many postoperative complications, she has long hesitated to communicate on the subject, letting the rumors get carried away, which the sexagenarian now regrets: “We should have done differently.”

A perpetual adaptation

The son of Grace Kelly continues nevertheless to defend his wife, still held in South Africa, where she is originally from. He invokes in Point de vue the right to privacy: “My wife did not want to talk too much about her very personal health problems, we had preferred the option of communicating little about it. Like many things in life, it was a matter of balance and making choices.”

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage

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  1. People will ALWAYS talk… forgive them! It must have been painful, all these nasty rumours…. BUT here you go…. YOU MADE IT, THROUGH IT ALL!We love the whole family! ❤️

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