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Albert of Monaco flies to the rescue of Charlene, he leaves everything for her

The visit of Prince Albert of Monaco to his wife Charlene of Monaco in his Swiss clinic would not have been brief. Every day, he would have gone to her bedside lovingly, says Ici Paris.

In its issue dated December 31, the magazine Voici however ensured that the visit of the sovereign prince of the Rock and his twins to the first lady of the Rock would have lasted only a few hours.

“It was a very important moment for Charlene, who was receiving her very first visit,” said a source, who decided to confide in the seal of anonymity.

But the joy of the former swimmer was necessarily short-lived, necessarily tinged with melancholy, and for good reason!
His family would only stay a few hours.
“He was then expected by the family in Monaco,” said a source close to the family.

The magazine Ici Paris does not have the same information.
On December 27, Prince Albert of Monaco would have actually rented a chalet located near the Swiss clinic where his dear and tender would be treated since last November. And it would be there that he would have put his bags, at least until January 1 with his twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

“Every day, he would have gone to Charlene’s bedside, talking to her, holding her hand, trying by his presence to ensure that she clings to life, “says the weekly, which does not publish a photo.
The state of Charlene of Monaco would have deteriorated. She would have sunk into melancholy.

Charlene of Monaco shocks Gabriella and Jacques in Switzerland, a radical decision taken

Charlene of Monaco could not see any more the visit of her twins, Gabriella and Jacques in her clinic in Switzerland. They would be in shock.

Prince Albert of Monaco is an unfailing support for his wife that he would have supported daily during the holidays, reports Ici Paris in its edition of January 5.

On December 27, two days after a visit to his wife for Christmas, the sovereign prince of Monaco would have headed back to Zurich, where his wife would be treated since last November.
With his twins, he would have rented a “chalet near the clinic”. And he would have stayed there at least until January 1.

On a daily basis, he would have visited his beloved, “talking to her, holding her hand, trying by his presence to make her cling to life. She would have finally found the morale.

According to the magazine Ici Paris, Prince Albert could no longer go to the place with his twins, Gabriella and Jacques, in shock.

“The vision of their mother would have been a huge shock for them. At 7 years old, in age to understand, they would not have supported the suffering of their mother “. No question of forcing them to come. Prince Albert preferred to talk to them.

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