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Albert of Monaco – first Christmas without Charlene – Camille Gottlieb shares “a glimpse

It was with great fanfare that the princely family of Monaco celebrated Christmas, in the absence of Charlene of Monaco. Camille Gottlieb, the second daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, shared a video of the place where the party took place.

The attractive blonde, whose resemblance to her grandmother, the late Princess Grace, is becoming increasingly striking, took to her Instagram feed to share a video of the Christmas table.


No face is revealed for discretion.

We do not know if Prince Albert was of the evening! The magazine “Closer” ensures for its part that the sovereign prince of the Rock was going to set sail for Switzerland with his adorable twins, Gabriella and Jacques. Family reunions are supposed to have taken place.

“It is whispered in the entourage of the prince that, to preserve the twins and give them a semblance of family life, Albert could resolve to go celebrate Christmas with the children in the clinic where Charlene is currently treated, “reports the people magazine.

Closer does not specify the disease from which the first lady of the Rock is supposed to suffer. Officially, she suffers from physical and mental fatigue.

The aim is to allow the members of the royal family to “hug each other on this important day”.
“To save what can still be saved, one might say … until better days.

Albert of Monaco worries about his twins, devastating effects of Charlene’s absence

Prince Albert of Monaco would do anything to save his twins, Gabriella and Jacques, who are in a very delicate situation in the absence of their mother, Charlene, weakened by illness.

“The brutal disappearance of Charlene has devastating effects on Jacques and Gabriella, so much so that the sovereign must use the great means to get them out of this spiral of misfortune,” announced the people magazine.

Prince Albert of Monaco would have resolved to lighten his busy schedule to spend time with his twins Gabriella and Jacques, very vulnerable in the absence of their mother. The heirs to the throne are his top priority. Charlene of Monaco would be treated abroad for depression.

“To hell with endless conferences and meetings! The sovereign, a tender and passionate father, has given himself the sole mission of saving his two little ones”, dear, that he loves more than anything.

The magazine Closer delivers on its side a delightful news.
It is said in the Prince’s entourage that in order to preserve the twins and give them a semblance of “family life, Albert would resolve to go celebrate Christmas with the children in the clinic
where Charlene is currently being treated.
So that they can (at least) all hug each other on this so
important day”.

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