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Albert of Monaco, dark clouds with Charlene, he is active behind the scenes

Albert of Monaco would be operation com’ to save what would remain of his relationship with Charlene of Monaco, the mother of his adorable twins. Their relationship would not be so appeased despite the reassuring words.

“The clouds are piling up,” announces the Belgian magazine, which recalls that when the princess was stuck in South Africa, her husband took their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, to see her only twice.

However, she was stuck for eight months in the ancestral country of her adolescence because of the consequences of an ENT infection.

When Prince Albert of Monaco went to her bedside, it was each time “during brief stays”.

“Charlene, a wife who missed her tenth wedding anniversary; a mother who now misses her
However, we imagine that the Sovereign Prince, as king of the com’, will do everything to broadcast a photo of the “family happiness found”.
a photo of the “family happiness found” by the Christmas party, “announced the publication.

This last prediction did not come true, instead, Princess Charlene of Monaco published a photo of a drawing of her family as a greeting card.

Treated in a center abroad, perhaps in Switzerland, would perhaps no longer have control over his social networks?
“Prince Albert, usually quite rare in interviews, has never communicated as much as during this painful case.
“He multiplies the “confidences” in the columns of media close to the Monegasque Court,” to reassure, says the publication, which seems to doubt the unity of the princely couple.

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