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Albert II of Monaco: The prince all smiles but without Charlene for a trip to Dubai

Albert of Monaco went this Saturday, November 13 to Dubai, on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition. A trip that comes before the national day of Monaco, and that the Sovereign Prince made without his wife Charlene.

It is a trip that was going to be scrutinized. Five days after the return of Charlene of Monaco in the principality, her husband Prince Albert II went to Dubai this Saturday, November 13, but without her. The sovereign prince went there for the World Expo 2020, which began on October 1, 2021 and will end on March 31, 2022. 

Photographed on multiple occasions, Albert of Monaco also made this trip as part of the National Day of Monaco that will take place in a few days in the Principality. Although Charlene was not by his side, he was accompanied by his sister, Princess Stephanie, dressed in white pants and a red shirt. The children of the latter, Camille Gottlieb and Louis Ducruet, as well as the wife of the latter, Marie, were also on the trip, as we could see on the Instagram stories posted by the two young women.

Charlene of Monaco expected for the National Day of Monaco

It had once been mentioned the possibility of seeing Charlene of Monaco during this trip. But his arrival was possible only if his health allowed it. As a reminder, the princess came back from South Africa on November 8th, after having been stuck there for more than 6 months because of an infection of the ENT area which required several operations. It seems that Charlene still needs to rest. However, she should be present at the side of her husband and her children, Jacques and Gabriella, for the National Day of Monaco, on November 19th.

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